Construction Noise Calculator


Total SPL at Receptor

70 dB

About this result

These calculations are based on the noise prediction methods contained in Annex F of BS 5228-1:2009. They assume that the intervening ground is hard, and use the simple barrier attenuation method.

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Noise level of plant.

Noise level is either a sound power level (SWL) or sound pressure level (SPL). If noise level was measured on site it is likely a sound pressure level. Enter the distance it was measured at.

Distance from plant that the sound pressure level was measured.
Percentage of the day the plant operates. For a 10-hour day, 10% represents 1 hour.
Distance from plant to receptor, in metres.

Attenuation of noise due to barriers.

If the noise source is visible from the receptor there is no attenuation, while a barrier that completely obscures line-of-sight is assumed to cause an attenuation of -10dB.